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[M2D] It’s a beautiful day!

[M2D] It’s a beautiful day!

That doesn’t have to be a break-up song.

Really really.

It’s the feeling when you know you’re done with something (or someone, in some cases). For good. The burden you’ve been carrying on your shoulders for you don’t remember how long finally disappears. It’s the feeling when you’re on top of the world, ready to scream on top of your lungs that you’re free, young and wild. You’re so young and wild that the possibility of life (being a bitch and) bringing you down is absolutely zero. Ain’t it awesome?

I learned something today. Life’s full of potential and new horizons. So I’m done giving too much of a damn about those who aren’t worth it. I can’t quite say it’s a fresh start, I’m still “the same old story, [but] in a brand new book”.  Thus for those who know me, I’m still your friend, you’re still worth it. For those who don’t, well… *shruggs*

I will end this short but happy entry with a quote from my favourite person, Pat Manahan: “I’m all I got. I hope I’m good enough for you. If I’m not…fuck it.”

Ho Chi Minh City, 30 Oct 2014.