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“Nguyệt Hạ” is no more. What’s next?


From today onwards, I won’t be using my old pen name “Nguyệt Hạ” (Under the moon) for any future posts (if there is any, really). “Nguyệt Hạ” has been my persona for quite a while. The name itself seems poetic, melancholy and mysterious. Maybe as a teenager, the romantic idea in the name appealed me. I’ve grown up and changed quite a lot for the past few years. Lots of things had happened and affected me in both good and bad ways, which somehow makes me unable to see myself in “Nguyệt Hạ”. No alter ego stays alter ego when nothing is left but the name itself.

I chose that name when I was very, very young. Now that I’m older, I think I want to stay young, which makes the name too old and too deep for me (to comprehend). In short, just no more “Nguyệt Hạ”. I think I was a pretentious kid who wanted to show off, who doesn’t when you’re… 17? Haha.

2013 was quite a year. 2014 was a blast. 2015 was extraordinary. And I think 2016 has been treating me well. I’m all about moving forward. Onwards.


I’ve been in love with New York City for a very long time. I think I spent too much time watching all 9 seasons of CSI New York (lol). That was why I chose the url nyclovers for this blog to be honest (but mostly because that time ‘nguyetha’ was taken). There’s more to the name, I think. It’s “nyclovers” not “nyclover”. I think when I typed it, I meant “lovers” who in NYC. I liked the romantic in the way it sounded in my head. I liked the dynamic in the NYC part. After all, it is the city that never sleeps. I like that. That’s more like me.

Thus, it’s me, myself and I.

It’s nyclovers.

Goodbye, Nguyệt Hạ. You will be sincerely, deeply, truly missed.

And an official warm welcome for you, nyclovers.

Oh, and the name of the blog changes too. Nguyệt Hạ stays in The Mist Palace. As for nyclovers, I think she stays in somewhere different :). I want a TARDIS, so I make this place one. Don’t worry, I still have my feet on the ground.

If you come across any Twitter, Tumblr with the name nyclovers or nyc-lovers, that’s me (except for the KPOP shit poster one, that, I swear, isn’t me, ahem). Stay connected if you like.

That’s it. Thanks for reading this rant.