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[Sherlock] Invisible, oneshot

Title: Invisible.

Author: NYC Lovers

Category: Original | Oneshot.

Disclaimer: Sherlock (BBC Series 2010 – 2012).

Genres: Romance, Psychology.

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Sherlock/Molly implied.

Status: Completed.

Warning: OOC.

Author’s note: I wrote this one around 1 a.m. in the morning. I hope you like it. Just the idea of silently loving someone. Well, it’s not exactly a Mary Sue OC since I prefer to see her as the unheard voice of the society (or the one who doesn’t know how to say their thoughts, in a brighter scenario).

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[Sherlock] Skies I Once Knew, finale


‘You must not hang around with Felicia Wilson, Sherlock.’ Mycroft Holmes, his older brother came to his flat on day and said that. Even though he was quite young, but the older Holmes had obtained a minor position in the British government and the family was sure that after a few years, he could become the government.

‘It’s not your business, Mycroft.’ Sherlock was lying in his bed, reading his book and completely ignoring the tall figure standing in the middle of his messy room.

‘It is now. I never care about such average girl like her…’

‘Felicia is not an average girl!’ Sherlock snarled back angrily. To him, she was perfect and he would not change a thing belonged to her.

‘As I said,’ Mycroft lowered his voice, ‘I wouldn’t care about her if her parents didn’t phone Mummy. And you upset her a lot this time, Sherlock.’ He ended with a glare at his younger brother.

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[Sherlock] Skies I Once Knew, part 1

Title: Skies I once knew.

Author: NYC Lovers

Category: Original

Disclaimer: Sherlock (BBC Series)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort.

Rating: T

Pairing: Sherlock/OC

Status: Completed. (Don’t worry, it’s short, I swear!)

Warning: OOC.


Get me with those green eyes, baby, as the lights go down

Give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around.’

I was inspired by Taylor Swift’s line from her song “Sparks fly”, she is the best lyricist I have ever seen, do you know that? (ha-ha). And it reminded me of Benedict’s eyes from the movie. They were grey-ish, right? (Sorry, I never paid attention to such things of him since I was focused on watching the plot, hearing the powerful words of Steven and Mark and enjoying their acting skills more than their appearances). So I changed the lyrics a little bit, just green to grey. Even though the lyrics and the song are all happy but I always look at it the other way round so the story is not fluff, and it sounds sad :”( So basically, his eyes play an important part in the story. Hope you like it.

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