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The best things in life are free

T/Slice of life/There is no them, just him and her.

Occasionally, I call this “Oblivious”

It has never been a bother.

She never minds his false signals and meaningless gestures since they warm her heart, for half of the time. The other half she spends on contemplating whether they mean something, or anything at all.

Gradually, it has become a bad habit she cannot break. As days go, she wants those oh-not-so-meaningful gestures more and more. She turns daydreaming into her morning exercises and into her goodnight cup of hot chocolate. Her brain never understands why she keeps thinking about those things. Probably because it’s a pleasant thing to do. At the end of the day, small talks and small gestures are the best things in life. And they are often free, so why not?

This is a fact, not speculation: his small gestures mean more to her than the fact that she is unclear about his true intentions. The funny thing is it actually feels like the game of cat and mouse in which he is the mischievous cat and she’s willingly to play the mouse. She wants him to capture her more than she ever wants him to love her. Of course she occasionally pictures him with her but it never gets serious. Her mind never wanders to that direction, truth to be told. Life’s funny that way.

In the end, she just wants a little attention while keeping the status quo of him and her being oblivious to love.

HCMC, 11/06/2015

NYC Lovers

A/N: This is the result of Ludovico Einaudi mixed with Michael Buble mixed with Gabrielle Aplin.


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