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[Review] Owl City – Shooting Star (EP): He has the lyrics, he had the melodies, he has the beats, and he has the spirit.

[Review for Owl City – ‘Shooting Star’ (EP)]

He has the lyrics, he had the melodies, he has the beats, and he has the spirit.

Owl City - Shooting Star (EP)
Owl City – Shooting Star (EP)

Released on 16 May, 2012

Genre: Pop/Electro

© 2012 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMC Recording, Inc.

Owl City has just released a new EP with four electric/pop tracks that have stuck in my head since the moment I had them in my iTunes. The enegetic and playful spirit of this exclusive playlist (EP) is undeniable. Adam Young never disappoints me with any of his releases, and his new EP, I have a feeling that these four songs would get into my most played songs very soon. (Update: They are now! I wrote this since the EP first came out!!!) 

Though Adam’s melodies, beats as well as tempo change dramatically in this EP, the genuine beauty of his lyrics remain the same. He is still a deep and sophiticated poet. Many reviews on iTunes say he loses the soft and illusional features in his music, and personally I do agree with them, yet I think this EP does a very good job in refreshing his image. Yes, it does not have the romantic and sweet tunes of ‘Vanilla Twilight’ in ‘Ocean Eyes’ or  the dreaming sense in ‘The Airway’ of ‘Of June’, but the the catchy tunes of the song ‘Shooting star’ definitely surprises listeners. If you’re a fan of ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’, you will definitely enjoy the album since this EP is a nice work taking from what had been offer in the album with perfection.

It’s all about living, you know. Adam Young is optimistic, so does his music. Remember those breath–taking moments in your life, embrace them. Because you’ll never know how much those things mean to you whenever ‘Shooting star’ or ‘Gold’ is playing. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find that–Fireflies–guy. He has grown, so strong and so exquisitely beautiful that you just can’t take his music for granted. It’s about moving on, heading into the future. He’ll give you ‘Dementia’ if you’re stuck in that dreamy and colourful past. ‘Take it all away’ is a bit of an odd track that doesn’t go really well with the other three but it’s ravishing in its own wicked way. The feelings are so intense. It’s break though.

20 May 2013,

Nguyệt Hạ


2 thoughts on “[Review] Owl City – Shooting Star (EP): He has the lyrics, he had the melodies, he has the beats, and he has the spirit.

  1. It has been absolutely astonishing watching Adam grow over the years. He is truly inspiring – the soundtrack to my life. He has pulled me through so much, when I meet him I am going to thank him so much.

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