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[M2D] 15 December 2012, Newtown, CT, writes Pat Monahan

This post is so right and full of emotions, I won’t link like I normally do. Below is the full post written by Pat Monahan on 15 December 2012, the day a tragic massacre happened in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. Twenty-six were brutally killed. But the most heart-breaking part is twenty in those twenty-six were children. I cried reading reports and tweets today. Pat’s blog kind of sums up everything I want to say.

Newtown, CT

If I could do just one decent thing for the world it would be to go back one day and prevent this terrible day from happening to these children, adults and the town of Newtown. I would trade anything I could. I wish there was something I could have done, something I can do. I wish so much. 
I have wept all day and night thinking about these kids getting ready for school, their enthusiasm for Santa to come, the art project they were going to put on their family refrigerators. I can’t even really believe that a human was capable of doing this to babies. 
I am so sad and forever changed from this and I not a direct victim. I cannot imagine the endless agony that these families will have to endure and I can only hope that there will be some hope for them to be able to have joyful moments in their lives once again. 
We were in Connecticut just one week ago. It is a wonderful state. An incredible place to raise a family, live, have a job, be. 
If there is something that I can do, I will do it. If there is someone out there who can put me to good use, please tell me. 
I hope something comes of this that will make the world better forever. I have some thoughts but I’m not sure I’m the right person to change gun laws in this country. If its really necessary to have these sorts of weapons, I’m sure I don’t know understand. 
I hope beyond hope that these families will survive this. 
I am so sorry. I wish I could help.

I love you all for your kindness, not just now but always.


Source: >>> Pat’s Blog


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