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[Sherlock] Skies I Once Knew, part 1

Title: Skies I once knew.

Author: NYC Lovers

Category: Original

Disclaimer: Sherlock (BBC Series)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort.

Rating: T

Pairing: Sherlock/OC

Status: Completed. (Don’t worry, it’s short, I swear!)

Warning: OOC.


Get me with those green eyes, baby, as the lights go down

Give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around.’

I was inspired by Taylor Swift’s line from her song “Sparks fly”, she is the best lyricist I have ever seen, do you know that? (ha-ha). And it reminded me of Benedict’s eyes from the movie. They were grey-ish, right? (Sorry, I never paid attention to such things of him since I was focused on watching the plot, hearing the powerful words of Steven and Mark and enjoying their acting skills more than their appearances). So I changed the lyrics a little bit, just green to grey. Even though the lyrics and the song are all happy but I always look at it the other way round so the story is not fluff, and it sounds sad :”( So basically, his eyes play an important part in the story. Hope you like it.


When he told John that he did not have friends and he only had one, Sherlock lied a little bit. He had another friend. At least to himself he had another friend, once.

Felicia Wilson was a nice college friend.

And she was his only regret in life until now.

Sherlock was amazed by her persistence and patience. No matter how annoying he was, she put up with him every single time he acted mean to her. He did not pay attention to her at first. She was just an average student in his class. They coincidentally shared the same timetable in the autumn semester. It was unbelievably cold at the time, colder than ever. And Sherlock always saw a brunette sitting beside the window during class. Her dreamy eyes were staring blankly at the grey sky outside. As the lesson carried on, her mind was not there with it. He took four courses that semester and he saw her in all lectures and tutorials he attended. Some students called her freak since she did not care about what was actually going on in the campus and if she talked, she freaked them all out.

She always sat on her right. And he always sat on his left. So basically they never talked, their eyes never met and they were running in different universes.

And they would never talked if the school did not change the classroom the other day. It was a Monday and the weather was terribly cold. Sherlock got to class early. Noticing there was only one window in the room, he went and sat there, even though it was on his right. At the time he never cared about her habit. The consulting detective-to-be was reading his book, and it was not the prescribed textbook, when a hand touched his shoulder. Sherlock looked up to see the tall slim brunette was standing next to him.

‘Can you, please, let me sit here?’ She spoke softly.

‘Why?’ He asked annoyingly. He was another freak in the faculty at the time. Sherlock never thought someone would speak to him and definitely no one would care to take away his seat.

‘Because it’s on the right. And I usually sit on the right. And I like sitting next to the window.’ She smiled politely.

‘It’s my hobby, in case you must know, sitting next to the window. And I got here first, not like someone running late because she had breakfast late, probably because of the party she attended last night and she couldn’t get a hold of herself, which a hundred percent leads to a hangover the very next day, which is Monday, today. So basically I don’t see any good reason for me to give my seat to you.’ He ended in the most annoying manner he could be.

‘Just… a ‘no’ is fine.’ She looked at him with narrowed eyes and a big frown. Then she left for the table behind him. Sherlock knew she wanted to say something because he saw a spark of fire in her eyes, but for some reason, she held it back.

He found out that he could no longer focus on his autopsy book. Sherlock turned around to have another look at the brunette behind him. She was staring at the sky with the most illusional eyes he had ever seen. But when he laid his eyes on her, she noticed. She gently glanced at him and smiled. Sherlock frowned when she smiled. The moment ago she showed clear sign of anger, now all her anger had disappeared.

‘Looking at the sky is funnier than reading the autopsy book of yours.’

‘I beg your pardon?’ Sherlock asked surprisingly.

‘What? I just say the truth. I agree that the text book is stupid but I don’t think autopsy is better.’

‘There’s nothing up there!’ He protested. For the very first time, there was someone had enough dare to insult his book. Sherlock always believed that he had perfect taste in books, especially real smartbooks.

‘Everything is up there. Want to see?’ She said and stood up to sit next to him. The table was small so she literally leaned over him. She pointed at the sky, at the clouds.

‘See, those are the ears, and those over there is the tail.’ She said with sparkling eyes.

‘Oh, God. So what? A rabbit?’ Sherlock broke his patience. ‘I’m sorry, how old are you?’

‘Well, it’s a metaphorical saying. I see life over there. I think life is better over there.’ She said softly. There was a slight sign of sadness in her eyes. But then she cleverly hid it away that he almost thought it was a mistake. It made him think that there was something wrong with his previous deduction. ‘I’m Felicia, by the way.’ She crossed her arms on his table and smiled.

‘Sherlock Holmes.’ He replied shortly. Normally he did not want to talk with boring strangers, especially woman, but there was an uncanny feeling in his stomach that made him want to talk to her more.

‘Oh, the freak, just like me.’ Felicia smiled widely.

Sherlock just frowned and stared at her strangely. Felicia was nothing but a normal student, as he started to recall from the previous classes, yet people called her just like him. It was not easy to make people call you a freak, he could not find any reason she was labeled that name.

‘So today you have the sky, I have your autopsy book instead.’ Felicia softly said and took the book away from him. She returned to her seat behind him and started to read the book. Sherlock was left with nothing interesting but the sky. He sighed annoyingly but he did not object nor did he take the book back.

Felicia Wilson was a strange girl after all. After classed, he turned around to see her but she had gone with his autopsy book. Only a small note was left for him to tell him if he wanted his book back, then he shall meet her at the place he can watch the stars. The young man frowned at her note. As he remembered, they shared the same timetable but for the rest of the day, she did not attend any class. He could always get another book he liked but today, he stared at the sky as she told him, wondering what was up there that made her fell for it. But he found nothing but a horse, a skull, and bunches of things he saw from the clouds.

Sherlock did not go home that day. He stayed at the library till midnight, finding anything fun to do besides doing the boring and obvious homework he was given. And he also wanted to find the place where she watched the stars. He reasoned that she kept one of his rare autopsy books, so he had to take it back. The window was left open. The sky was amazingly clear that night. All the lights had gone out, except in the library and another room he found there was no reason for the lights to be left on. Sherlock quickly glanced at the campus map.

Astronomy room.

Sherlock stood up and rushed to that room.

Felicia was there, looking into the telescope and humming a song. As he came closer, he saw that she was wearing headphones. There was piles of CDs lying around her, indicated that the mp3 player was turned on all the time and she spent most of her days here, looking at the sky. Sherlock slowly approached her. She turned around as he put his hand on her shoulder. As soon as she realised that was him, she smiled and put her headphone off. The brunette quickly cleaned up the CDs to give him some space to sit and she gave him a blanket when he sat down next to her.

‘Tea? Coffee? Please have tea because I can’t find coffee anywhere in this bloody room.’ Felicia smiled again.

‘Tea, please.’ Sherlock replied and glanced at her with questioned eyes. ‘No sugar.’

‘Have one or two. It’s nice having tea or coffee with two sugars. It’s not healthy anyway but it improves the taste.’ She said and put two sugars in his cup of tea, without waiting for him to reply.

She was too demanding! After giving him the hot cup of tea he did not really like, she gave him his book with a soft thank you that he almost thought that it was his own imagination. For the first time of the night, he realised that she did not wrap herself warm enough. She just wore a pair of black jeans, a thin white shirt and a red coat which could definitely not protect her from the cold. He could see her fingers and her cheeks were red. She was cold.

‘You should wrap yourself up a little bit more.’ He said.

Felicia turned around to see him with the shiniest golden eyes he had ever seen. She put her chin on her knees and wrapped her arms around her legs. Her brown flocks of hair fell down naturally. She rolled her eyes and gently bit her lips, thinking and considering the answer.

‘Is it cold, up there?’ She finally asked.

‘Yes, it’s in the book.’ He nodded.

‘Then I guess I should learn to get used to the cold.’ She smiled and turned to look at the sky again.

‘Why? You can’t go there.’ Sherlock replied frankly.

‘I just feel like it.’ She shrugged and gave him her wide smile with her shoulder gently shrugged. ‘How’s the tea going?’

‘It’s… fine.’ It was not exactly a lie. He did not like it, but he did not hate it. Sherlock turned to look at the sky with her, wondering about her words. She avoided the topic, twice.

‘Good, very good.’ She nodded. ‘It’s very nice talking to you, Sherlock.’ She called his first name for the very first time. ‘So, why do you ended up here, studying finance and law when your interest is somewhere else?’

‘Why do you ended up here, studying finance and law when your interest is over there?’ He asked back, rolling his eyes to the sky. Instead of replying to his question, Felicia just laughed. And he joined her, as if it was the most natural thing in this world. It had been a very long time since he last laughed that carefree, and unreason.

‘It’s getting late.’ She looked at the clock. ‘I’d better get home.’

‘Oh, yes. We should.’ Sherlock stood up and gave the blanket back to her.

‘Just leave it there. No one really uses this room. I’ll be here tomorrow.’ She smiled when she grabbed her bag and walked out of the room.

Sherlock ended up walking Felicia home. She lived near campus and her house was actually closed to his shared flat with some college friends. The weather was getting colder, yet she did not put anything else to keep warm but her coat. Sherlock had to give her his coat but she refused and they ended up in a chase when he tried to put the coat on her and Felicia just ran away. It was the very first time in his life he cared about someone. He just met her but there was something about her that he could not read or deduct. She kept herself not too close to him, but not too far. The brunette was friendly, and also secretive. He told himself that he wanted to know the truth about her sky. That was why he talked to her.

‘Hey, Sherlock.’ She called him when he turned his back away, preparing to come home after taking her to the doorstep. Sherlock did not say anything. It felt like magic when she called him like that. He just turned back and looked at her, waiting for her to say something. ‘Your deduction this morning, was not exactly right, just so you know.’ It was almost a whispered. And she disappeared behind the doors before he could say anything.

Sherlock Holmes was lying in his bed, thinking annoyingly about the last words of Felicia. How could he be wrong? There was nothing wrong with his deduction. He was always right. Suddenly the autopsy book fell out of his bag and dropped on the floor. He sat up to saw a paper fell out from the book. It was Felicia’s. She thanked him for lending her the book and she was sorry for saying that autopsy was boring. He gently smiled at her elegant handwriting.

But he was still annoyed by her words. ‘Wrong’ was not acceptable. He needed the truth. His brain could not rest until he find out about everything. But he also started to wonder was it only his brain wanted to know about her or was there something extra? Every time she smiled, he could felt something strange. She was holding something back. And why would she have to be so obsess about the sky?

Why did she want to get there?

Sherlock sat up completely. His mind was turned on.

No matter how hard he tried, he could never figured out what Felicia was hiding. It had become his habit to join her in the astronomy room after classes almost everyday. After that, he came home with his packed-with-questions mind. Sherlock never could know what were her real thoughts. With her, his firm statements all turned into guess statements. But he enjoyed sitting there with her, chatting about all the boring things in this world. He was kind of liking the way she laughed and commented about his carelessness and his particularly ignorance in some topics of life.

And she was absolutely stunning with perfect style of dressing, even though later he had to give her his coat since she never wore more than two layers. Felicia was always cold. She resisted at first but then she did not do anything but sitting quietly for him to put the coat on. She was the very first thing in this life that was more interesting than crimes and dead bodies. And she was the very first woman in his whole life. As days past, he accepted the fact that he lost his senses when he was with her because she always asked and showed him things he never knew.

And it did not last for very long.

. to be continued.


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